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Media censorship surrounds the Pashtun rights movement in Pakistan

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement

In the past months, the Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection) Movement has been mobilizing in Pakistan’s major cities to demand basic rights for the Pashtun minority community, including the “right to live without fear” of extrajudicial killings. The Pashtuns (or Pathans) are an ethnic minority group who mostly live in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Discrimination and violence are constant

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She Dared to Say Pakistan’s Most Popular Politician Harassed Her. Then Came the Abuse.

The smear campaign against Gulalai has been especially fierce on Twitter. In the past week, even her family, including her sister, an international squash champion, have been attacked. The tone of the comments point to the nasty and insidious problem of misogyny in Pakistan.

PTI rallies, a happy place for small businesses

A great sound system with a good DJ; men, women and kids dancing while holding the red and green PTI flags and chanting slogans of ‘go-Nawaz-go’ have become a hallmark of all PTI rallies. Lahore’s Mall Road rally was no different, with countless people sporting PTI colours crowding the area even in searing summer heat.

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The future of Pakistan’s relations along the borders

The future of Pakistan’s relations along the borders

Who else should we approach in the coming year?   2015 has been a topsy-turvy year for Pakistan’s relationships with its neighbours, namely Afghanistan, India and China. While we struggled to progress with the first two, for the most part of the year, we did set new highs with the third. But the end of

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A chronology of US-Pakistan and India-Pakistan relations since 2008

On the eve of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to America, let’s discuss the dynamics of Pakistan with another growing power structure, possibly the Asian Pivot, as said by Hilary Clinton herself, India, and the USA. Pakistan’s geopolitical significance is undisputedly important to USA, India and China. Though Pak-US governments try to maintain a strategic

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Lahore’s most debated constituency gets ready for by-elections 2015

NA-122 has suddenly come to symbolise electoral confrontations and animosities of the day – far beyond its political jurisdiction – but it was not always so. If history is anything to go by, it has been a pretty straight forward story for a while now. But surely some things have changed. PTI is now the

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