How indigenous tech innovations are helping Pakistan battle the pandemic

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, our traditional ways of socializing, learning, working and accessing other essential services, have been disrupted. As a result, there has been an increased reliance on technology to perform many tasks without endangering lives. During the first month of the pandemic alone, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed that internet usage had gone up by 15%.


I am not a security concern for the Army!

I have been living in Pakistan for approximately 4 years now and I live in one of the poshest most secure areas of Lahore i.e Cantt. For the first 3 years, I was the neighbor of Lahore's Core Commander; which was more of a hassle than a luxury. Let me map it up for, you. … Continue reading I am not a security concern for the Army!

.Blind Faith.

11.Aug.2o12.Tuesday    It occurred to me, as I read an Atheist’s column accusing us “believer’s” of having Blind faith, regardless of the Religion we are from, doesn't he have blind faith on the fact that No God exists! Surely he has researched deeply into every religion but has concluded his conquest to the answer that … Continue reading .Blind Faith.

At Times Things Are Too Sad To Celebrate….

My take on Pakistan's Independence Day 14.Aug.2o12.Tuesday The day of Independence of our beloved Pakistan! When we got the freedom to say proudly that we are a Muslim Community. We have our own right to live, not to be ruled by others. But it’s also a day to recall how many people died to make this … Continue reading At Times Things Are Too Sad To Celebrate….