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Malala – Someone to Inspire From

Malala’s confidence struck me like a lightening; her words were well constructed and full of passion. If this spirit for education, women empowerment and freedom from violence survives in our society, then our country has a future. And if most of the girls in our society start thinking the way she does, then there is no stopping of growth.


The Many Shades of The Fashion Industry – Pakistan

No one can deny the allure of fame. With it comes glitz and glamour, a chance to bask in the limelight – surely a dream come true for many. An obvious choice for those who desire to attain all this is the media industry – a world of fashion, film, TV, modelling and photography. In

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LLF [ Lahore Literature Festival 23-24 Feb 2o13]

“Without literature, life is hell.” ― Charles Bukowski Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, is well known for its art, literature, theatre and music. It is a city with a colourful history and has a plethora of brilliant writers born on its soil, which includes the great Allama Iqbal himself. The city for a while had been

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