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#UrwaFarhan to remarry each other in Pakistan’s first ‘fan’s choice re-wedding’

“I am going to overdo my makeup,” said Urwa who has also finalised an audience poll for her fans to pick the wedding dress for her.


The smog in your face is nature’s fittay mun to you, human species told

This is a piece of satire LAHORE- After decoding the patterns of what is being described as blankets of smog over Lahore and other parts of Punjab, environmentalists have described the phenomenon as ‘nature’s lakh laanat’. “The ‘in your face’ smog is nature’s fittay mun and lakh laanat to your faces,” said senior environmentalist Khaleel

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Agreeing to Qadri supporters’ demands was April Fools prank in advance, confirms Nisar

This is a piece of Satire Islamabad: Having fun has been inculcated in our bones, what we love more than that is to make fun of others. This time the PML-N government known more for their eating habits and love for roads has played a national level joke which many of us couldn’t ever have

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