Annam Lodhi is an Islamabad based journalist. She has half a decades worth of experience in Pakistan, with over 200 bylines in both national and international publications.

She has worked as a beat reporter, content writer, researcher, data journalist, investigative reporter, social media manager, satirist, social activist, and a food blogger.

You can reach out to her on annamklodhi(at)gmail.com is you want to share a story with the world.

Her Career at a Glance

Annam Lodhi started off as a writer for Laaltain magazine, moved to Channel 24 (Lahore) as a content writer and became a reporter at Pakistan Today (Lahore).

Ever since, she has been written on an array of topics – ranging from politics to lifestyle, human rights to economics amongst others. Her bylines have made it to publications in Pakistan like The Friday Times, Dawn, Tribune, Parhlo and Parhlo Pink; and internationally in The Diplomat, Global Voices and The Coalition of Women in Journalism.

Recently she was part of Media Matters for Democracy, where she worked to produce data stories and research features on various themes and sub-themes ranging from governance to corruption in institutions. She also regularly contributed to MMfD’s publications and other news portals, like Digital Rights Monitor and Media for Transparency.

Current she is writing for TechJuice.

Apart from hard news/features, she also wrote satire for Khabaristan Times. Annam also likes filling her spare time with travel and food; her food reviews and recipes are compiled under her food blog “Tummy Driven”.

Her published work is archived on annamlodhi.com

Career Time Line

She was first published in 2013, in a Lahore-based Youth Magazine named Laaltain.

In 2014 she worked for Channel 24 as their content editor/ writer.

In 2015, she started working for Pakistan Today as their Reporter and Sub-editor.

She also started contributing for KhabarFeed and Khabaristan Times in the same year.

In 2016 she became a contributor for Parhlo, The Friday Times and Phaser.

She also co-founded two youth organizations:

Mashal – an NGO working towards intercultural peace in Pakistan #BeAMashal

The Dialogue – a South Asian association working towards generating a dialogue between the youth of the SAARC region. #TheDialogueSA

She is also freelancing for various publishing outlets in Pakistan.

In mid – 2017 she started working as the Assistant Editorial Research for The Coalition of Women in Journalism and by late 2017 she became a Project Manager and later a journalist at Media Matters for Democracy.

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You can reach out to her on annamklodhi(at)gmail.com

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