Dreamer by Day, Procrastinator by Night.

The website is a collection of all her published work and some personal/ unpublished blogs.

About the Author

Lodhi tries to answer the many questions around her in the only way she knows how to which is by writing it all down, “Trying to bring order to the chaos,” as she puts it.

She likes to share her journey, talk about taboos, be socially and politically active all the while struggling to make a name in the world of journalism.

She loves to read, bake, cook, knit, talk, clean and eat. Travelling has become a recent passion.

Carrer History

She was first published in 2013, in a Lahore-based Youth Magazine named Laaltain.

In 2014 she worked for Channel 24 as their content editor/ writer.

In 2015, she started working for Pakistan Today as their Reporter and Sub-editor.

She also started contributing for KhabarFeed and Khabaristan Times in the same year.

In 2016 she became a contributor for Parhlo, The Friday Times and Phaser.

She also co -founded two youth organizations:

Mashal – an NGO working towards intercultural peace in Pakistan #BeAMashal

The Dialogue – a South Asian association working towards generating a dialogue between the youth of the SAARC region. #TheDialogueSA

At the moment she is freelancing for various publishing outlets in Pakistan.

You can reach out to her on annamklodhi(at)gmail.com

Follow her: 

Twitter  : @AnnamL0dhi

Instagram :  @Annam.lodhi

Facebook: Annam Lodhi

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