Ye Peela Jora – #NaamZaibWedding Dairies

A detailed review of my mayoun dresses and functions.

The mayoun is the first event that kicks starts the series of wedding functions. It is a fun event, where family members sing and dance and apply ubtan (a yellow powder originally of turmeric) and mehndi on the brides hand blessing her for a beautiful future.


The first mayoun suit was a gift from my Khala (maternal aunty).
As the tradition goes, the mayoun (yellow dress) is supposed to be gifted to the bride by her maternal family.

She gifted me a sunshine yellow plain yellow suit with red lace and a red net dupatta. I wore the dupatta on through my Mayoun day up until the day of my Nikkah.

The suit came in a package which had other items associated with the mayoun rasam, like ubtan powder, which is used to massage the bride’s body in days leading to the wedding and other accessories for her to wear like bangles and shoes.

As the tradition goes, the bride wears the dress for at least a month and while she is in the attire, she isn’t supposed to leave the house, work or talk to her fiance or any men.

I wore the dress, on Friday, about a week before my wedding and of course, did not oblige by any of the traditions. But I took it off on the day of my Nikkah.

Also, while the bride is in the mayoun armour, she gets a daily ubtan massages to enhance her colour.
I do not know about my colour being enhanced, but it was so relaxing! LOVED IT!

The dress had turned from a ray of sunshine to a dirty rag, it stank of ubtan and myself. Which according to my mom is the beauty of the bride.

My friends also threw for me a surprise bridal shower. I wore the same outfit, (obvious) because that is all I could wear. They decorated the place beautifully along with a heavenly chocolate cake by Cake Stop. LHR HEAVENLY!


The journey of my main dress started in March/ April 2018 as I started looking for colour combinations to go with the Mayoun Yellow.
Again, I wanted the sunshine yellow, in angharka style along with some chatapati. So I took a trip to liberty and got some colour cuttings.

In about September, I told Maya of Surkhaabi, that I wanted her to design my jora. Because she is a friend, I exploited every ounce of her brain and ate her head out about the designs etc.

I wanted pure gotta handwork and not the machine ka kaam.
I wanted lime green, red, navy blue and yellow on the frock with only golden gotta.
They paid heed to the tiniest detail and showed me a sketch. The colour chattapati design at the bottom was the designer’s idea, even the block print on the dupatta was her idea. To make it look extra and add more navy blue to the mix.

I saw the semi-stiched piece in November for some final fitting and BAS BHAI! I was in LOWWWWEEEE!!
Also, the entire border and the tussles are handmade!!

I saw the semi-stiched piece in November for some final fitting and BAS BHAI! I was in LOWWWWEEEE!!
Also, the entire border and the tussles were handmade!!
It cost a tad bit more then what my mom wanted me to spend on my mayoun dress BUT I think it was completely worth it!


I wore fresh flower jewellery along with a flower chutla and flower anklets. My friends also made a marigold crown for me which I wore everyday!! Because of I am a QUEEN!

I also wore Kaleera’s, bought from UAE, and did the fun rasam where I bang the Karela’s together and if it drops on someone she may be next in line to take the pledge.


The red colour on my hands is called ‘Alta’, a traditional Bangladeshi heena which my aunt brought from India. My best friend applied it to my feet and hands.


The rather simple decoration was done by my uncles and the caterer.
They hung garlands of marigold as the backdrop. We utilized the sofas at home, covered them with a yellow cloth and my mom threw a khanposh on the centrepiece. The love story table was set beside the stage.
The caterer got the umbrellas, I wanted colourful gotta umbrellas and we used them in everything, even on the Shendi day.
I did not want any ubtan/mehndi dishes as they are usually a waste of money. My sister brought the boat from Raja Bazar in Rawalpindi and that is all we used.

I did not want any ubtan/mehndi dishes as they are usually a waste. My sister brought the boat from Raja Bazar in Rawalpindi, because of uskay b aram hai.


It was a gift from my bestie and done by Cake Stop. LHR

It was designed to complement the mayoun theme. It was a naked cake with fresh marigold flowers.
It was red velvet along with caramel crunch and MY Goodness, her cakes are AMAZING!! I was privileged enough to have two of her cakes during my wedding season. HOW LUCKY AM I!?


I did my own makeup. I went for the no- makeup look. Light foundation, concealer, lots of mascara, highlight and nude lips. I do not remember the products, so don’t ask.

Let me know in the comments if I you want more details about anything in particular and i will try my best to answer your queries.