Personalized Ideas from the #NaamZaib Wedding

Great desi ideas for personalized wedding invitations, Love Story board and giveaways

I really wanted my wedding to be perfect, who doesn’t right. So everything from the wedding cards to the decor, to my dresses needed to be synchronized. The overall theme was, of course, LOVE + the merger of two cultures (Punjabis and Urdu speaking) and countries/ cities Lahore and UAE.

Also, I like to think we (my husband and I) are free birds so yea flying birds were a huge part of the mix. We tried to incorporate the theme everywhere, in every event and every item we could.

The Hashtag

Hashtags gives a fun identity to the wedding, makes it easier to locate pictures on social media. There are many fun ways to make a hashtag, which could define your relationship, your personality as a couple and can be used for all things in the future.

It took me about a month to decide our hashtag because I am a sucker for trends. 
All my family and friends pitched in, but I choose #NAAMZAIB. He calls me num, because AnNAM but I spelled it as naam and his name is Shahzaib, so ZAIB from that and TADA!

The hashtag was used all over social media, the giveaways and on my wedding albums.

Annam Lodhi
The layout for the giveaway bags along with the logos

The Wedding Invitations

Annam Lodhi
Shendi Invitation Card

Annam Lodhi
Valima Invitation Card

The cards were designed by my cousin. This was selected after she showed me about 5-6 designs. My sister and mamu too had previously made cards, all of whom I rejected after liking them for a day. Tough bride, I KNOW! Finally, my cousin did come though with the perfect design. It perfectly ties up the entire theme. Has the birds and flowers.
Choose purple for the Shendi, goes with y wedding dress and blue for Valima to fo with Shahzaib’s suit.

I got the cards printed on ice gold paper, with foiling for the borders. The envelope was on the same with golden foiling.

All the printing was done in the UAE and my parents brought them when they came.

The Logos

So my Mamu (who is a graphic designer) came up with two logos. One is the “Lodhi Squad” logo which we used on all the giveaways and the other is the #Dubai and #Lahore skyline, merged into one. He did an impeccable job and I was floored by the entire idea (it was all his idea and hard work).

The best part is that these are timeless items, which can be used again and again within the family, if needed.

Annam Lodhi
The ‘Lodhi Squad’ Logo
Annam Lodhi
The skyline on the envelope
Annam Lodhi
The Logo, Lahore is the lower skyline and UAE the upper

Wedding Invitation Boxes 

Annam Lodhi
Wedding Invitation Box design
Annam Lodhi
Boxes ready to roll

My mom wanted to send sweets to everyone who received the cards so my mamu came up with these box idea. The box was customized as per the wedding card dimensions. The box had space for sweets, some potpourris/perfume and the wedding card was set on top of the butter paper which had the skyline, birds and the logo. The cover had a doli, some birds and the skyline in the details. CRAZY!

The boxes were printed on a shiny navy blue paper along with a golden interior.

Wax Seal Stamp

The wax steal stamp were from Ali Express (linked the one I used).

Simply, search for wax seal stamps and you will get a zillion hits. Look for ‘free shipping’ vendors, with good reviews. Choose your design and you are good. You would get your delivery in a month. I got the wax separately. One stick is good to seal four envelopes. Or you could also get the hexagonal cubes, three cubes are good to seal an envelope. I got “LODHI” engraved on it so that everyone in the family can use it in the future. We used the seal a couple of years ago at my cousin’s wedding and everyone loved it; so just continued the trend.

Annam Lodhi


I think it was very important to give back to all the people who made a ton of effort to be there on my big day. Again, my amazing Mamu got the “Lodhi Squad” and “#NaamZaib” stickers made which we stuck on plain white bags.

I gave gotta jewelry, for all my cousins and bridesmaids, along with candles and perfume. My aunts received gotta jewelry along with a suit. 
Everyone wore the gotta jewelry on my mayoun and looked SO PRETTY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE uniformity.

The Gotta Jewelry was made of pure gotta, no pearls etc. I got them made in bulk from Liberty, it cost me nothing and made everyone look baby doll sohnae ki….

The men are usually neglected and were in my case too (sorry mamu :P) but I got these “Lodhi Squad” hoodies made for all my brothers (cousins) who attended the wedding. I also got similar hoodies made for my sisters, brother and myself with different slogans. 
We left like such a gang and wore it ALL THE TIME! The boys loved it so much and hardly took the hoodies off.
The hoodies were made by @kteezwear, I ordered them over the phone, sent the measurements and sizes. Got them in a week, paid upon delivery and were almost perfect. He actually printed two bride hoodies and one sister hoody but sent a new one within three days without a word.

Love Story Table

I really liked this idea on pin interest and personalized it to my taste. It was pretty simple:

  • recall the best days of your life with your better- half-to-be
  • Note down the dates
  • Note down tiny details like things you like, family names etc
  • Find a designer who is willing to turn your imagination into graphics!

Remembering the dates were easy, some came instantly, others I had to ponder upon. The rest was easily available, date-of-birth, likes etc etc. You can add whatever you like. It is a fun keepsake from the wedding.

Annam Lodhi
Love Story Board

I knew I wanted the chalk board look, but I didn’t know what design I wanted. 
Aniqa Haider ( on insta) did this in a week or less, we discussed it a little and she designed all the aspects on her own. We added some roman and slang to it, to make it a little extra! I and everyone I know LOVED it! .

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures and of course had a picture for every year since we became friends. Got the latch string frames off of Ali Express (Ali Express was my go to shopping destination for most of my wedding shopping). Noted the year under every picture from 2011 to 2018 and hung it on the home made frame. 
Bought basic foam board from the local stationary, pasted glitter paper on it and added lace to its borders to make a large frame, this was done by my sisters and cousins.
The table was set with other items. The chalk board was from UAE, the light box is from Marshalls, USA. The sataric quote, which says “Mehndi hai laganae wali, Sajna ki bajnae wali” was sent by a relative and because I found it hilarious, I got the quote printed from a local photo printer on a stand alone frame and VOILA the table was ready. The table was placed on all events and in the house throughout the wedding.

Annam Lodhi
Love Story Table
Love story table at my Shendi entrance

The #NaamZaib Caricature

Always wanted to get our wedding caricature made by The Caricature Shop. I have been following their page since and always loved their work. So they had an offer and luckily, I got my caricature made in an affordable rate.

This was made in July 2018 and my wedding was in Jan 2019. Our dresses were not decided yet, but I knew I wanted to wear purple and Shahzaib would wear a black sherwani. Both of us are journalists, so we hinted on that and of-course you can see the Dubai and Lahore skyline in the background, along with the birds and a plane, indicating ‘we be flying’.

I also added our university logo in the background over the Lahore skyline. I got this printed on a standee and placed it in my house and all wedding events.

I will be uploading more from the #NaamZaibWedding, as an when I get time! Hope this helps you prep for your big day. Good luck and do ask questions if any in the comments!

For more about my wedding, visit my Insta handle and watch the highlights