#16daysofActivism: UN Women Pakistan collaborates with Facebook groups to engage women in discussions on Gender-Based Violence

ISLAMABAD, December 10, 2018: UN Women Pakistan collaborated with three Facebook groups to engage women in discussions as part of its #16DaysofActivism against Gender-based violence. 

The three women run Facebook groups selected by UN Women included Ask the VillageMommy Has Solutions and Mommies of the Round Table.

Talking to Digital Rights Monitor, the UN Women Communications Consultant Anum Pasha stated that these Facebook groups were selected for not only being influential but also proactively advocating for specific rights-based reforms and helping women raise their voices against various forms of harassment abuse in the past.

As part of the campaign, each group was given a tailored set of three questions which were to be moderated for the span of 16 days. According to Pasha, women from diverse backgrounds came together to join the conversations for #HearMeToo campaign. “The idea was to have an open dialogue on sexual harassment, focus on the human element, and encourage women to speak up in a safe digital space and share their stories and struggles,” she said.

At the end of the campaign, according to Anum, “UNWomen Pakistan will be analysing the social media engagement for key takeaways and a nuanced understanding of the broader experiences of women and the prevailing narratives that have shaped the discussion.”

Reflecting on the significance of this engagement, Ms. Anum noted that the social media allowed one to involve a wider audience in a thought-provoking dialogue. “The digital space is favourable for raising awareness about the various forms of violence that are targeted towards women in particular.”

The international campaign, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence takes place every year during November 25-December 10.

Originally published on Digital Rights Monitor 


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