Surrendering to Silence: An account of Self-censorship among Pakistani Journalists

If news self-censorship is not addressed in a timely manner, it will undoubtedly jeopardize the future of independent media in the country and damage the media’s role as facilitators of public discourse that is essential to an effective democracy.


Letting the couture speak for itself

I greatly prize my privacy and comfort zone and I’m not ready to give it up! My PR team often pushes me to be more “out there” but that’s just not me as a person. If I have to depend on my face value for the success of my brand, then I’m not good enough at what I do!

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement

Media censorship surrounds the Pashtun rights movement in Pakistan

In the past months, the Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection) Movement has been mobilizing in Pakistan's major cities to demand basic rights for the Pashtun minority community, including the "right to live without fear" of extrajudicial killings. The Pashtuns (or Pathans) are an ethnic minority group who mostly live in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Discrimination and violence are constant … Continue reading Media censorship surrounds the Pashtun rights movement in Pakistan