Month: March 2018

This Multi-tasker Mother From Lahore is Goals!

“Kinnaird is an amazing institute. There, I got to see the various shades of women. I would not call them bullies but girls who would judge you by the type of brands you wore,” Sahr recalls.


Is the Internet empowering women in Pakistan? We find out!

These social networking sites not only help in communication but also play a major role in empowering women, encouraging civic participation among women in Western, Middle East and Asian countries. Today on women’s day we look at people who have using social media and technology for gender empowerment.

Man arrested in Peshawar on incitement of violence against Pakhtun activist Gulalai Ismail

Islamabad, 22 January 2017: Hamza Khan, a 23-year-old student from Mardan has been arrested by Peshawar Police on Monday on charges of incitement of violence against Pakhtun activist  Gulalai Ismail. The arrest has been made against an FIR registered by the Peshawar Police on 20th November 2017. Once Commoners, Now Heroes As per detail, the accused had

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