Cherry Panna Cotta

This is my first Food Blog under Tummy Driven and I start with this very quick and easy dessert which tastes great. Hope you enjoy it. Serves about 6-8 people.


375 g (1.5 Pack) –  Thick Cream (I used PUCK)

3-4 tbsp – Sugar (or more depending on your taste)

1 tsp – Vanilla Essense

2 packets – Jelly (I used Green’s Cherry)

Pinch or two – Salt

Half cup – Hot Water


Annam Lodhi

The Jelly brand and flavour I used.




Dissolve the jelly and let it set in your serving bowl in the fridge or outside.

I poured jelly in separate cups, which I got from Home Centre, tilted the glass on a dish and let it set until firm.

Note: Jellies around the world are different. So dissolve yours according to the instructions on the cover. 




P.C: Maheen Khan. Jelly Bottoms – Cherry Panna Cotta. Lilac Tops – Cheesecake Cups.




Place cream, sugar, vanilla essence and salt in a mixing bowl. Whip until soft peaks form.


Note: I like to stick the bowl in the Freezer for about 15 minutes before I start whipping to get perfect peaks. 


Once the cream is whipped.

In a separate bowl, take hot water about half a cup and dissolve the second pack of jelly in it.


Note: As I said, Jelly around the world is different. So one pack of jelly is good for one pack or two of cream in the UAE. You are looking for a creamy but firm texture after it is set, so if you feel the jelly wouldn’t hold the cream in the end or become too hard you can change the recipe accordingly.

To make it softer – add more water

To make it harder – add more jelly 



P.C: Maheen Khan. Jelly Bottoms – Cherry Panna Cotta. Lilac Tops – Cheesecake Cups.


Once the jelly dissolves, a clear solution should form, as you dissolve it the water should come down to room temperature, pour it into the cream mixture and whip once more until it’s incorporated fully. You will get a light coloured mixture, as we are using flavoured jelly. If you want you can add more colour to it.

Pour the cream+ jelly mixture over the previously set jelly.

Let sit in the fridge.

P.S: Make this a day or two before it needs to be served. 

Do let me know how it turned up and I would try my best to answer your queries if any.

Happy Making

Ramadan Mubarak




Cherry Panna Cotta

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