Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani presented her Luxury Prét collection, “The Debut – Alchemy’. The collection was a progression from the first ever contemporary collection that was showcased earlier this year. The colour palette for the collection was based on dark colours.


Ethnic by Outfitters

Ethnic by Outfitters showcased its ‘Denim Patched-Up’ collection; the street style collection revolved around offbeat and avant-garde fashion inspired by the contemporary culture of urban street people. ‘Denim Patched-Up’ incorporated fabrics such as organza, grip silk, denim, high twist and net with a lot of experimentation in cuts. The colour palette was kept vibrant with the use of exuberant colours. It aimed to inspire the youth to customise garments in their own hip flamboyant way with a strong focus on individuality.


Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch showcased its ‘holographic memory’ collection which incorporated luxurious fabrics and unique embellishments. This collection has been exclusively designed for the strong and confident woman. It made use of opulent fabrics, stand-out detailing and intricate hand sequin embellishments. Craftsmanship was an integral feature of the collection.





Sapphire unveiled its Luxury Prét line with an exclusive collection titled ‘Totem’ during the three-day fashion extravaganza. The collection draws its inspiration from oriental art and narrative paintings. ‘Totem’ featured an earthy colour palette with silhouettes that are current, fluid and that essentially define the ease of ready-to-wear. The endearing spirit animals, juxtaposed against The Wind, Water and Air elements symbolised the freedom of spirit and innate strength within all Sapphire woman. The collection boasted oversized jackets and off-shoulder frilled tops with flared pants varying in length. It incorporated a range of organic fabrics such as pure linen and cotton with silk finishing.





Written by Annam Lodhi

A written word is better than a thousand said....

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