Shiza Hassan

Shiza Hassan showcased her ‘Lolita’ collection based on a style movement which started in Japan in the 70’s with an East meets West theme and a radical art inspiration. The collection featured a mix of traditional Japanese elements incorporated in Shiza Hassan’s signature digital prints. It boasted rich embroideries and varied embellishments on a range of fabrics including silks, organza, cotton and leather. The cast of Chalay Thay Saath – Syra Shehroz, Zhalay Sarhadi, Mansha Pasha and Kent S. Leung – walked the ramp as the celebrity showstoppers.


Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan showcased her ‘Summer of Love’ collection, inspired by the literary movement ‘Beat Generation’ from 1960 aimed to iterate a message celebrating peace and love over war. ‘Summer of Love’ featured all the fun loving summer trends such as frills and fringes over a variety of loose and flowy silhouettes. The collection incorporated lawn as the primary fabric and makes the use of vivid hues such as yellow, blue, red with black and white throughout the range.


Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan showcased his ‘Revisiting Heritage’ collection which took its inspiration from formal, evening wedding wear of the past. ‘Revisiting Heritage’ incorporated embroideries, classic craftsmanship and silhouettes that hint at yesteryears of style and suave. This collection paid homage to age old rich values and traditions following cuts and styles that suit the modern man’s persona even today.


Disclaimer: The articles in the ‘Pressers’ category are Press Releases by PR agencies, companies etc. The content has been edited by ‘Annam Lodhi’ to suit her blog but are not authored by her.




Written by Annam Lodhi

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