Day-2 was opened by high-street brand Cynosure which showcased its S/S 2017 collection at PSFW 2017. Film actresses Noor and Resham walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstopper.

Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain showcased her ‘Dreamer’ collection which draws its inspiration from the innocent imagination of kids. The designer paid ode to her own kids through it. ‘Dreamer’ explored the stillness of adulthood, is a manifestation of the fantastical journey where the designer lives a life full of fantasies and small surprises contrary to her own. A life full of candies, carousels, unicorns, glitter and carnival, where she is finding her true self again. Film actress and model Iman Ali walked the ramp as the showstopper.

March by Ali Merch

March by Ali Merch showcased its ‘Inauguration’ collection which draws inspiration from sea foam, loud mascara, & jazz music. It constituted large swathes of denim, giving the ensemble a broad appeal. ‘Inauguration’ aimed to showcase the diversity of denim and its different uses with a purpose to highlight the fabulous craft of denim-washing across Pakistan.

Featuring contemporary cuts, that are in-line with international trends, the ensembles were embellished with semi-precious stones and metallic studs. The collection incorporated various techniques such as over-coating, foil printing and lace-work on in-house woven fabrics to give denim an unusual twist. The colour palette included hues of blue with hints of black, gold and silver in the trims and accessories.


Disclaimer: The articles in the ‘Pressers’ category are Press Releases by PR agencies, companies etc. The content has been edited by ‘Annam Lodhi’ to suit her blog but are not authored by her.


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