Bring Basant Back by Generation, Zonia Anwaar and Bank Alfalah: #PSFW17 Day 1

Generation by Khadija Rahman

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

Generation by Khadija Rahman showcased its ‘Bring Basant Back’ collection which draws its inspiration from the festival of Basant that made Lahore; cheerful, jubilant and in a very endearing way, ruthless and competitive, representing the brand’s silent protest demanding to have the city’s most beloved festival back. ‘Bring Basant Back’ collection paid ode to the colourful festival and essentially explores the passion of kite. Inspired by the shape, construction and patchwork of locally made patangs (kites), it explored infinity in forms, how one shape joins with another to add a new life to its ranges titled ‘Uran Patola’ ‘Guddi Kat’, ‘Lapaita’ and ‘Rang De Basanti’.

The designs incorporated Korean patchwork technique called Pojagi along with Persian miniature paintings and also revived the androgynous, elongated and structured sub-continental menswear silhouettes from the 90s. With gradational hues of flesh pinks, flaming oranges and reds paired with sky, kale, turquoise and teal accented with fuchsia, wood brown and lapis blue. It featured chapkans, angrakha, kurta, Balochi kurta and hanbok in a range of fabrics including fine voile, organza, pinstripe and striped cotton and poplin.


Zonia Anwaar

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

Zonia Anwaar showcased her ‘ZELLIIJ S/S17-18’ collection at PSFW Luxury/Prêt Dual Show segment. The collection aimed to bring together a floral and mosaic fusion inspired by work of Maalems (master craftsmen) of the Moroccan Berber. ‘ZELLIJ’ boasts geometric patterns with monochromatic streaks bonded with hand painted rosettes on lightweight silk, twill weave cotton and close-knit sheer net to give this spring the well-deserved vividness.

The collection also featured boxy silhouettes and layering throughout the range of sheer lowers with long tops, handkerchief dresses, block print summer jackets, tailored scarves, sheer cutouts and androgynous collars. The eloquent colour palette included mango yellow, cobalt blue, tangerine, harlequin and Paris green with lots of black and white.


Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show

The PFDC extended their collaboration with Bank Alfalah again this season. In cognizance of the growing need for sustainable mentorship and injecting new talent into the industry, have worked together to give more scope and depth to the rising talent show and transform it into a medium-long term proper mentorship strategy over 5-6 months.

Bank Alfalah hence collaborated with PFDC to draw on their expertise to scout, mentor, refine, project and retail. They devised effective short and long-term goals, which incorporate all year around activities with a three-year projection for taking the talent from the Rising Talent Platform global. The process started with 22 designers having been scouting by the PFDC with the PIFD from across Pakistan who were first shortlisted in August 2016.

Four designers were further shortlisted – to translate their vision into a collection at #PSFW17. Each of the designers has been given a mentor for their collection.

These 4 emerging designers for #PSFW17 are Sharoz Tariq, Zainab Hamid, Asra Khalid and Amna Sheikh and this season they are being mentored by Maria B. and Kamiar Rokni.

They will also be given free show space at the PFDC Fashion Active and subsidised rack space at the PFDC store.

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

Amna Sheikh showcased her ‘Rivaj-e-Virasat’ collection at PSFW17. The collection draws its inspiration from the rich culture of Pakistan that is losing its essence with modernism. ‘Rivaj-e-Virasat’ is a modern take on the traditional silhouettes of Pakistan, showing the true essence of our beautiful ethnicity in a contemporary way, incorporated with gold tila embroidery and gota pati on denim. Staying true to denim, the colour palette boasted shades of blue with hints of gold.

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

Asra Khalid showcased her ‘The Local Vendal’ collection which was inspired by the different forms of vandalism in the form of art, architecture and nature. The collection explored a diversity of cuts, silhouettes and textures.

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

Shahroz Tariq showcased his ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ collection which draws its inspiration from the festive spirit of Spring and Summer season. Inspired by contemporary western silhouettes, ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ featured floral fabric manipulation without the use of any embellishment. Incorporating the hues of fuchsia pink and mint green, the collection was primarily based on Satin.

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

Zainab Hamid showcased her ‘Still I Rise’ collection which was inspired by the bold woman, her strength and beauty with which she faces the storms of the society. ‘Still, I Rise’ featured experimentation with bold digital prints and patchwork using slub khaddar and cotton. The collection boasts structured yet simple silhouettes on an eclectic colour palette.


Kokab Alvi

Picture Credits: Faisal Farooqui and Team Dragonfly

PFDC presented a new talent, Kokab Alvi, who showcased his capsule menswear collection titled ‘Explorer Meets Music’. The collection draws inspiration from the designer’s tribal background, a reflection of his nomadic soul, his curious nature and perception of how different melodies can take you to places. ‘Explorer Meets Music’ incorporated with high-quality silk and wool blends, traditional cuts were customised to suit the needs of a modern-day man using gold plated zips, semi-precious turquoise stones and studs to add the oomph in the classic silhouettes. The collection boasts jackets and trench coats that are in-line with the international trends. The colour palette revolved around white, off white and black with gold and turquoise accents.


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