“Where are you?” His desperation echoed through the mountains
“I am here” Replied a small voice in his head
“Where are you” He screamed again
“I am here” The mountains echoed
“Where are you?” Breathless he screamed
“I am here” The sun rays sparkled on his face
“Why don’t you ever reply!?”
“Why don’t you ever hear?” The breeze whispered
“Why don’t you ever come forward?”
“Why don’t you ever move towards me?” The path paved its way
“Where do I find you? In the mosque, the church or the temple ?”
“Why go within walls when I am all around you?” He smiled from atop
“When will I find you?”
“When you stop looking and start seeing” HE said

Lit : @annam.lodhi
PC : @stutteringsarah – Kashmir Point, Murree

#Thedialougesa #Thedialouge #SouthAsia #Peace#Unity #Pakistan #Traveller
#TravelStories #India #SriLanka #Bangladesh#Nepal #Afghanistan #Butan #GOD #Saarc#AnnamLodhi #SouthAsian

Originally Published on The Dialogue 



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