I wrote this when I was groped by a passerby one day.

I am pretty sure everyone who has been harassed at some point of their life shares my thoughts.

Rape isn’t just intruding into one’s body and space without consent, it is mind shattering, it destroys people inside and out.

I feel raped

When you pass by me like the wind, whispering

Whispering words that disgust me

That send shivers down my spine

When you pass by me and tend to think that you are just complimenting me for how I please you

Instead, you are scaring me

You are not calling me beautiful; you are not praising the Lord for creating me.

You are intruding me

My heart races; my blood pumps through my ears, I am scared, I am deprived in my own skin

I feel raped

I feel raped when you touch me

When you think I am your property to abuse

When you grope me or stroke me in public

There I stand perplexed about my next move. Maybe I have no identity to protect.

I am disgusted by my own existence, feeling foreign in my own body

Prose: "I Feel Raped"

I feel raped

When you look at me, when you look through my attire on to my body, into my skin, which  even my clothes can’t seem to hide

When your gaze burns through my back into my soul.

When every shred of thread fails to protect me from your hovering eyes

I feel raped

Even when  I walk alone, or with my family, or with my friends,  just because I walk the streets?

Because I travel in the rickshaw, in the bus, on a bike, in a car?

Because maybe I am an infant without a mind?

A girl without a voice?

A lady without support?

A wife with hopes?

A woman with morals to look after?

A mother with responsibilities?

A teenager with dreams?

I am terrified of the passersby, of the drivers, colleagues,  workers,  teachers,  students,  of the boys, of the men!

I feel raped every day, not because I ask for it but because I was born to bear it

I know my modesty is not matched for your hooligan touch

Prose: "I Feel Raped"I feel raped

Day in and day out

Everywhere because I don’t know where to run off to. Who to confide in? Who to cling onto? Who to look onto? Who to aspire from? Who to talk to? Who will understand me, understand this!

But above all I feel raped because I am told to compromise, to understand and be silent, to blend in with all others, to lower my gaze and never see the sky

I am quiet because I feel raped

By the stares

By the thoughts

By the vibes.

I feel Raped Because I Am Quiet.


*Disclaimer: This is an opinionated piece. 

Originally Published on Parhlo.com


Written by Annam Lodhi

A written word is better than a thousand said....


  1. This is very powerful and honestly every woman has gone through this at times. The crude comments, the looks, the “accidental” brush pasts. It is something we are all born to bear no matter what you look like. It is something that we are stronger for, but we must make sure that we let people know, not really appropriate to talk or act to people like that x


      1. It is a battle that we all have to fight, unfortunately it gets rather derailed when you get someone who says they dont mind it but hey each to their own 🙂 You keep going 🙂


      2. Definately true. As a woman we should stand up against all of these kind of things 😦 We may be women but we are people who have brains and we are smart and we should be taken seriously.


  2. This post I believe would connect with everyone who has faced eve-teasing and sexual harassment, I related with it and I’m so proud of you for sharing it!
    Like you mentioned, It really makes the victims think its their fault, hence the silence and the feeling of guilt over something that was’nt even their fault in the first place.

    Read my prose poetry on the same topic by clicking on the link below.


      1. I hope for such a day to come as well, and I think that when we have more bloggers/ creators out there spreading such awareness and talking about such “taboo” subjects, then the change for better times is definitely not far off! 🙂


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