LAHORE- After the first attempt received neither popular appreciation nor critical acclaim, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed have decided to marry each other again, Khabaristan Times has learnt.

Nuptial experts are calling it Pakistan’s first ‘fan’s choice re-wedding’.

“It’s like releasing the same movie again after it has bombed at the box office, or releasing the same album after scathing reviews,” says Mubashra Begum a leading critic of South Asian weddings. “This is a unique opportunity for the couple. I hope they make the most of it,” she adds.

The couple came under pressure after their original wedding was lambasted from all quarters.

“She didn’t have any makeup on,” said a hospitalised fan.

“She danced shamelessly at her own wedding,” said another fan.

“Why didn’t Farhan let her sign? What was he wearing? Why a Shalima?” asked many others.

A couple of the Udaari fame had been dating for the past three years and finally tied the knot because “log kya kaheinge?”

But they failed to satisfy their fan following, which has saddened the couple.

“I thought they would finally be happy,” said a makeup-free Urwa and a coarse-voiced Farhan while talking to Khabaristan Times.

farhan-saeed-in-love-with-urwa-hocaneThe newlywed couple has confirmed that they plan to redo all the events after listing down all the demands of their fans. They will also be publishing the list as a guidebook for celebrity weddings in Pakistan.

“I am going to overdo my makeup,” said Urwa who has also finalised an audience poll for her fans to pick the wedding dress for her.

Even the menu will be decided by the fans through Facebook and Instagram.

“Urwa and I are working on a duet for our next wedding with each other,” said Farhan.

Farhan has urged Aalim-e-deen all over Facebook to contact him so that they can decide on a better mehr and pocket money for Urwa.

The wedding date will be announced as soon as the voting results are compiled.

Originally Published on Khabaristan Times 


#UrwaFarhan to remarry each other in Pakistan’s first ‘fan’s choice re-wedding’

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