The Careless Plot – Befikre Review

Watched Befikre at its premiere night in Dubai International Film Festival  (DIFF) on 8 December 2016.
It was a star-studded night with many Arab celebrities and the Cast of Befikre itself. I must say, Ranveer is a crowd pleaser, he comes in with so much energy and picks up people’s mood.

Vaani Kapoor, being new to the whole fame thing, is poised and beautiful. She talks and walks with grace, doesn’t over or under do it, dresses well and keeps her vibe friendly.

The Plot (Spoilers Alert)

An Aditya Chopra Love Story – that should suffice in explaining that it is the same old wine in a new bottle.

The movie’s mood is set as the film starts with lots of passionate smooching in Paris.

This scene is important because it sets a precedent for its viewers that there will be explicit and passionate all in the city of love.

Enters Ranveer a.k.a Dharma, a young Dehli wala who has been called to Paris by his friend, to start a stand-up comedy show in his restaurant, for which he is perfect. Trough out the movie his comebacks, dialogues and witty-ness is on point.

Enters Vaani Kapoor a.k.a Shayra, young perky girl who works as a tourist guide by the day and parties like a carefree French by night.

They both meet, have loads of lovemaking, dare each other a lot, make their year together with an extremely befikre relationship and breakup.

Later they become friends, meet other people and plan to settle down, that’s why they realise that they love each other.

One thing lead to the other da ta da and dam! end up together.

That is the basic story 🤔

The Locations

Paris is indeed beautiful.

The locations are modern yet antique. There isn’t any show and pomp in the movie – unlike Karan Johars – but things are shown as if, that’s just how it is.

The shots are angled well and you are left with mesmerising views while the cast acts.

Salute Cinematographers 👏

The Act, Dance, etc

Ranveer is an amazing actor, he acts without effort. He can be romantic, sad, angry or any emotion there is to show, he just went on his day.

He started the movie as a desi in pardes, the feel of being in a foreign country by someone who has lived his entire life in Dehli, the show-off, the desperation and hunt for French chick is hilarious. His eye sparkled like a kid when he saw girls.

At the same time, he acts all cool when trying to score a girl. Some tricks for the boys here 😝

He also matures through the movie and the transition can be pointed out easily.

Vaani- I did not expect this- but is good too. She keeps up with Ranveer’s energy all the time, it must have been hard I am sure.

Her character is perky, smiles a lot, is sensible and does not give a damn about the world. She moulds Dharam accordingly and it’s a fun journey to watch.

They compliment each other well too, the dialogues are fast paced at places, you can still hear each of them be their character. There are subtle ways they show love, hate, anger and it all fits too.

The dialogues are easy going, nothing dramatic, feels like everyday life in Paris.

and OMG they dance SO WELL. Their moves are stunning throughout the film. They just get you into this groove and you do not care what happens next.

There is this 5 minutes or so dance off between them with an instrumental background  During which I didn’t care what the movie had next, I just wanted them to keep going.

Vaani’s postures and Ranveer’s quick moves…. ufff!


The movie is very predictable, is a drag in the second half. Nothing dramatic happens.

Dharam’s background doesn’t exist. He never gets calls from back home or mentions anyone. Shayra’s family is shown now and then but too aren’t any help in the film on the whole.

They live a good nice life, but the flow of money shown doesn’t match up.

There are more, I am forgetting off.

The Movie


The movie does try and set the rules for youngsters that they can choose whoever they want without caring for the world. Which is shown in an entertaining manner.

The cast is fresh, somewhat relatable. Nothing in the movie is out of the blue or uncalled for except the last scene which is right out of the ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’.

The first half flows well, the second drags at points.

Watch the movie for a relaxing weekend, Ranveer’s unmatchable performances, Vaani’s dance moves and hot figure. Do not expect much of the movie in terms story.

Lodhi Rates: 3. 5/5


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