UAE has become a global village. We see, the labour community here is mostly South Asians who come to the land of opportunities for a better lifestyle.
Not only that, you can see a couple of grocery shops below every building now.
Life is all about luxury here, you can just call the groceries in your respective area for something worth a single Dirham (the local currency) and the employee comes and drops it at your door.
I asked him once, “How can you run errands every day, just for a single dirham these people call you 3-4 times a day. It’s not worth the physical effort, right?” He claimed that it actually was, “Back home had to climb hills, work on the rice fields and still have nothing to eat at the end of the day. The physical labour was worse and my daily wage was less than you can imagine. A single dirham is worthless to you but for me, its more than 20 INRs.”
He smiles and continues, “Here my legs do the work, back home my mind soul and the whole body were in agony…. even after a hard day at work I couldn’t feed my family properly.”
“But here after a hard day’s work, I am mentally relaxed, if not physically, knowing that back home my family can afford 3 hearty meals, just because I run up and down the stairs for one dirham.”

Lit : Annam Lodhi (Karachi)
Picture : Fabiha Lodhi (Sharjah)

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Originally Published on The Dialogue Facebook Page 


The Dirham

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