This is a piece of Satire

“Annnnndddd! The new President of the United States of America isssssssssssssss, DONALD TRUMP,” yelled the TV, and the entire world face palmed at the same time.


The most heart wrenching, breaking news in the history of democracy has come to the surface. The USA has been orange washed! You heard it right. Years of evolution has failed us! Even the US of A has failed to produce smart minds and idiocracy prevails, the proof lies in the 45th president of the greatest democracy of the world.

In our dismay, we faced palmed, but the entire world did that too, at the same time.


The ripple effect of the face palm is thought to send out an ‘ijtimai lannat’ to Donald and all his voters. We talked to many people in the country who were saddened by the election results.

Some of them took a day off to deal with the crisis that has happened in a land, miles away, “I need time, the American dream has died I feel. I cannot go to the emrica now,” said the Chai Wala, while many people stood in a queue for his tea and a selfie.

When you have to choose between two evil you ALWAYS choose the less evil,” said Sabahat, a student protesting in the USA, for her rights as a tourist.


But some people think that it is just about the demographics, “See even though Pakistanis think we are great minds, we choose ganja time and again. So let them be. They failed once in history. Who cares,” said TUQ, who has a dual nationality.

For better or for worse, no one in their right mind wants him.




Disclaimer : this could actually be real.


The world face palms on Trumps win

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