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Imran Khan takes to the roads in protest

Islamabad: It started off as the privatisation of the national flag carrier and has turned into the privatisation of the national flag.

“Pakistan is in deep debt, and its value is depleting. The best course of action is to privatise the entire country,” the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told Khabaristan Times exclusively.

Though the idea of selling Pakistan isn’t old, many other politicians have done so in many other ways, “We tried selling the souls of our people in my regime,” says a former president, with a trademark began at smile.

PM Nawaz ensures that his party will still hold most of the shares, but there isn’t any transparency.

As usual, the PTI leader Imran Khan has opposed the idea of the “Ganja Dictator”.

“I will not let the name of my nation be privatised,” Khan said adding that, “I shall buy all the shares. I need the people support and money for that.”

Khan has taken to the roads and is asking for funds to save the country, saying if people can donate for his hospital they can do it for their nation too.

The PM, on the other hand, says that it won’t be the worst thing to have half of the country sold to most probably Multi-national companies. “People will have better facilities, more jobs and will shut up. The best part is we won’t be blamed or accused.”

Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif has said that finally, his brother has come up with a plan that would help him make more roads.

Even so, the people of Pakistan are asking for transparency, as to how much the shares will be sold off for, and what will their faith be. “The privatisation could mean that the country would become one gigantic factory and the people who have to actually work, which they do not seem to like,” says one economic expert.

Recent reports reveal that early favourites to become the buyers include, PTI leader, a major landlord who has many towns, China and everyone but the current party.

Originally Published in Khabaristan Times 


Pakistan to be privatised amidst rising losses, popular demand

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