This is a Satire

Says he has been both a procrastinator and procrastinate  

Islamabad: Shiv Sena has cancelled almost every concert that Ghulam Ali has planned to take part in during the past six months in India. This has constantly postponed his much-anticipated performance in the neighbouring country.

Furthermore, the cancellation has also made many tongues wag. Amidst all this Ghulam Ali has revealed that he isn’t new to cancellation. He has also revealed that in addition to being a procrastinator he has been a procrastinator as well.

“My birth was postponed many a time,” he said while talking to Khabaristan Times, clarifying though that he wasn’t an unwanted child. “My family always had distractions. Sometimes the timing was off. Other times there were more pertinent issues. And then there was a time when I was just procrastinated over. So I was born after a lot of hardships and procrastination.”

This is why, Ghulam Ali claims, all these last minute Shiv Sena statements and concert cancellations, do not perturb him.

On the other hand, he is very positive saying that he believes in Karma. ”Shiv Sena will taste its own medicine one day. Something that it wants to do would be cancelled too.”

“What would that be only time will tell,” says a foreign policy analyst while talking to Khabaristan Times. “Maybe it would be the birth of Shiv Sena offspring or their plans for Pakistan. We have to wait and watch,” he said.

“Until then let’s all listen to Ghulam Ali sing.”

Originally Published in Khabaristan Times 


Veteran procrastinator Ghulam Ali not perturbed by Shiv Sena cancellations

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