Youth laud Valentine’s Day ban, expect parents to be unsuspicious rest of the year

This is a Satire

Confusion remains whether Valentine’s Day moon has been sighted or not

Lahore/Karachi/Islamabad: Valentine’s Day has become a source of confusion this year, with news of it being banned in parts of the country. People are confused whether to celebrate it or not.

“Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a very romantic day. The streets are painted red with balloons, cars, roses making the single ones jealous. There are huge sale signs, which especially have the heart of the ladies beating,” says renowned love guru Bobby. “Commercially there are no barriers, but physically cities like Kohat have banned show of love throughout the day, around the city,” he informed Khabaristan Times.

This is a reason for concern for many willing to celebrate the day with their loved ones. “It feels like waiting for the Eid moon. We are still awaiting whether Valentine’s Day is banned or not,” says a confused husband, who wants to be allowed to watch Pakistan Super League on Sunday as Valentine’s Day gift.

On the other hand, there are surprising developments. Parents who usually are suspicious of their children’s whereabouts on February 14 are happy. “My kid seems to be happy about the ban. They haven’t asked for anything special or for any allowance. This generation is definitely going to give us a bright future,” a proud mum told Khabaristan Times.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity a teenager told Khabaristan Times, “We can celebrate Valentine’s Day any day now, without anyone suspecting or banning it.”

Another confessed, “Now neither my parents nor the government would ever suspect that I have a boyfriend because on Valentine’s Day I would be with my family. We can always go on a date and celebrate is some other day.”

The youth, in general, were of the opinion that the government of Pakistan is very helpful. “They just don’t want us to crowd the streets on Valentine’s Day. Rest of the days we can surely,” a young man from Karachi told Khabaristan Times. “It’s always great celebrating Valentine’s Day when no one else is celebrating it. There are less crowd and more privacy.”

Originally Published in Khabaristan Times