Overcoming electricity load-shedding will help locate ISIS footprint, claims Foreign Office

This is a Satire

Says there’s no sign of anything meaningful in Pakistan, including ISIS

Islamabad: Pakistan has once again categorically denied the presence of Islamic State (IS) or for that matter anything on its soil. A Foreign Office (FO) official while talking to KT exclusively denied the presence of ‘anything meaningful’ in Pakistan. “There is no footprint of Daesh in Pakistan, even if they were we won’t be able to see it as there is no electricity,” he says. “Or gas for that matter.”

In Khabaristan Times survey many agreed. A stressed passerby exclaimed, “Of course there is no IS, soon there won’t be any people in this country.” Another stressed civilian shared, “We don’t have much of anything here, so of course IS wouldn’t be interested in us either.”

A teenager exclaimed, “Dude, ISIS, we can’t make ice in our fridges due to severe load shedding, do these people even know that?” A member of the ruling party also confirmed that the problems won’t be solved anytime soon. “Electricity will be available in a couple of centuries, definitely. Our party never lies to the people.”

Originally Published in Khabaristan Times