Lahore’s winter is a treat after the mostly torturous summer heat for all. As the winter approaches this beautiful city, outings are bound to increase. Eating outside becomes easier and hassle free but most of all what we all have been waiting for is to sit preferably in the open and have our favourite hot drink.

Making this a mandatory part of your winters I present to you the best Hot Drinks to have around Lahore this season.


Hot Chocolate by Tree Lounge

There is nothing like a classic Hot Chocolate to remind you of your childhood. This simple chocolaty drink is creamy in texture and rich in flavour. The foam topped with Hershey’s syrup and the blend of bitter sweet chocolate with cream warms up the soul. The plus point is that you get to enjoy this sitting on their open trace, watching the traffic pass by.

Price: Rs 295+Tax




Hazelnut Macchiato by Citrus

12364186_10156247446525580_1105439986_oIf asked what could be reminiscent to Starbucks in Lahore? You have the perfect answer right here!

The popular espresso drink traditionally built in layers of vanilla syrup at the top and bottom and steamy foamy milk and ark roasted hazelnut espresso in between.

It is topped with caramel sauce giving it an extra sweet punch, which when coupled with the vanilla syrup tones down the nutty flavour a bit. The aroma of roasted hazelnut doesn’t leave until the very last slurp. Its catchy presentation and Citrus’s warm and cosy ambiance is ideal for these winters.

Price: Rs. 310+Tax

Expert Tip: try not to add extra sugar and stir it up to indulge in all the flavour at once.



Hot White Mocha by Butlers Chocolate Cafe

12359664_10156247446180580_2080314536_oEven if you are not a white chocolate lover, this is a must try. There is nothing better than a frothy, creamy, rich in taste coffee that melts in your mouth, or well feels like it.


Rich in cream and with just the right amount of chocolate in the blend, it makes you sway with warm tenderness. Butler’s comfy ambiance is another addition. The best part is the extra chocolate you get with it. Their dark chocolate does incredibly with their White Mocha.

Price: 379+ taxes


Chai at the Chai Kada

12389144_10156262998255580_923358773_oI am not a tea person, I am all about coffee. But some days the desi in me wakes up and wants a good, thick and ‘Karak’ Chai.

So on one such day, I made my way to the newly inaugurated Chai Kada.

Imagine on a cold winters night of December in Lahore, seated on an roof top with pure Pakistani music in the background and a luscious cup of Desi Chai.

It doesn’t get better than this. I am pretty sure. Oh did I mention they place hot coals to keep you warm too.

Enough about the ambiance, the Chai is great too.

Their menu is pretty clever too. The Desi items are all in Urdu and the non-Desi ones are in ….. English.

With great punches, like “Kahwa , Wah Wah”.

I ordered the ‘Romantic Chai’ (No one can kill the lover in me), The “Malai Mar Ker Chai ” and ‘Bombay Karak’ (a Indian blend of 24 masala’s with Chai)

Bombay Karak, had a distinguished taste, it was actually ‘Karak’ it struck all the right cords, especially with the atmosphere, and Noor Jehan’s, Aj janae ki zid na karo, in the background. OH GOSH!

The “Malai Mar Ker Chai”, was truly Desi and makes you touch your roots. You feel the desi-ness rise in you as you slurp and sip the thick creamy patti.

The Romantic Chai, has this great aroma, that touches you through the throat done to your heart (read Stomach).

Hence Chai is love too.

12389013_10156263005600580_1612781012_o (1)Oh and have you ever had Khalifa’s Naan Kahtai? If you haven’t please try them and Chai Kada serves them – and it’s just enhances the tea experience!! And if you have tried them I need not tell you anything!

Chai Kada also services these butter cookies with candied fennel seeds, and Namak Paare.

Being Desi couldn’t get better. I call Chai Kada the Hip Dahba now!!

Price : 200 rps per cup, 70 rps for the Naan Kahtai + Tax



Warm Hugs and Hot Drinks – Winter 2015

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