Review : Stake Escape – Make it Sizzle

Location: 16 Sector Z، DHA Phase 3

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Type:  Fast Food

Some nights the crave monster in me wakes up and screams – FOOD! Cheesy something, please!!!

So on the YBlock roads, I roamed to find something new and pleasing – praying that I don’t waste my money on something useless and expensive.

SteakEscape 11200915_938839836172679_5962116942305491422_nshined at night with its Black & Yellow logo standing out like a FedEx ad. I thought to give it a try. “Please Stomach God do not let me regret this’

With all these fast food restaurants popping up in Lahore at every corner it’s hard to differentiate the taste and quality. At the end of the day, the choices are left between KFC, Hardees, MC Donald’s or their copies in one way or the other.

The ambience is very chill and chic, Black and silver, easy seating, young staff. By the time we reached it was empty and even their menu was restricted as they were out of supplies. According to the manager, it was a very crazy day, which surprised me…

11813252_917661694957160_7016209202525857467_nTheir menu reminded of “Charlies Sandwich” of well I ordered their Hickory and Classic burger with a single meal.

The fillings are made on the spot; the steaks are grilled, chopped, vegetables added, sauces and Vola the burgers ready.

11217529_925001820889814_5225280177872713225_nNothing about preparing the burger was extraordinary.

So when I was seated, I took a bite of their fries.

Ahh!! Crispy and fresh even at this hour! Oil free, delicious snack.

And my burger…… HEAVEN!!!!!

11928751_932191830170813_2019984819722803780_nFrom the very first bite, I feel in love.

The bun was fresh and soft; the steak was perfectly grilled, full of flavours and played just the right notes n my pallet.

It was one of those meals I could have with my eyes closed, just to savour every bite!

It’s a memory to remember. Definitely, a MUST MUST GO again AGAIN!
Oh! And the best part is it’s all in such a good budget – it’s a Fairytale!4 Sep 2015 (10)

1 Meal and a single burger cost me – 1020 rps ONLY!

Rating : 9/10 

Value for money : 8/10