Review : Gourmet Grill – Y Block

Restaurant: Gourmet Grill

Location: Z Block

Rating: 6/10

Type: A la Carte

11 June 2015

After a good movie day. My friends and I decided to have good, easy and something within our range.

So, Gourmet Grill, it was, at the Z-block market.

The ambience was very simple and typical Pakistani, a little congested, browns and peaches and oranges played around with.

So we ordered their Meal  20150611_193348

and this Drink – Pink Lady 20150611_193411


The food took about 20 minutes to serve.

The kebabs were fresh and juicy, with just the right amount of spices. The tikka a little over cooked and hard. The handi was about right and below average in taste.

The meal was a good fill for 3 people and in just the right budget.

Though the food was average, the drink hit all the right cords on my palate.

20150611_195929 It had all the right flavours in the right amounts. Every sip was smart and sweet, it made my mouth a happy place.

Our final bill was about 1500 rps and we had leftovers to take home too.

Please do not waste food, order enough for yourself and if you can’t have it all at once, pack it up to go. If you do not like taking leftovers home, you can always get it packed and hand it over to any beggar you pass by (we have one on every corner in Pakistan) or a security guard or anyone for that matter.

Gourmet Grill is a nice place to be at, if you are low on budget and really want to dine out.