Babulalay’s Restaurant Review

Name: Babylalays Resturant & Cafe

Location: Gulberg 2, adjacent to Generation store, Mini Market Road, Lahore

Facebook Page:

Rating: 7/10

Type: Buffet

On a sunny hot day of 31 May 2015 – apparently my Birthday – it is a ritual for me to dine in a good restaurant. Babulalays was recommended by a friend, who failed to highlight that it was a buffet.Usually, a buffet for me requires a mindset to have it.

So when I entered Babulalays the interior was pleasing, very Arabic, dark and cosy. A brown & blue colour combination with dim lights and music (Though I prefer just instrumental & not entire songs with my food)

I love the majlis sitting so I sat there and when I was seated they told me its only buffet – I was in an A-la-crate mood but once you are in you are in.

The buffet charges are 794 per head (exclusive of drinks)

So I made my way to the sofa sitting and was served soup. Hot & sour soup ( which was a wee bit spicy for my taste). Soups are a really good start to your buffet with they expand your stomach so you can eat more! But don’t have too much of it!

Then off to the Salad Bar. They have 10 Salads to chose from. I was surprised by a hair in one of them, for which they profusely apologised. The salads were average and fair in taste.

Then I helped myself to the BBQ. Their Sulaimani Fish Kebabs were really delicious, they had quite a verity in the BBQ section and fried food. But none caught my pallet like the Sulaimani Fish Kebabs. Their fried food was tasty yet average.

Though they had almost 25 dishes to chose from, I had the Pepper Steaks with Sauté Vegetables which had a pleasing heavy taste.

Their Thai Special Kai Yang Chicken gravy was rather pleasing and had a very different flavour. Their Italian Pasta and Stuffed Chicken was bland and the gravies were fairly good.

Their desserts were average but were very well presented.

The ambience was surely its best asset.

The food overall was A little above average – but maybe a bit expensive – but is a good fill.

There Menu for Lunch cum Hi-Tea Buffet 


Soup of the Day with Bread Sticks

Assorted Sandwich N Mini Burger


Ten Types Yummy Salads Bar

8 Types of Liquid Sauces


Italian Pizza

Chicken Mash Cutlets

Lebanese Fried Finger Fish

Sulaimani Fish Kebab

Chicken Kebab

Jafrani Chicken Boti

Arabic Sheshtuk

Mutton Spinach

Lebanese Narinji Pulao

Kalawan Ji Handi

Dajaj Masala

Pepper Steaks with Sauté Vegetables.

Stuffed Chicken

Italian Pasta

Thai Special Kai Yang Chicken

Egg Fried Rice

Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Chowmein

Variety of Bread

10 Types of Desserts (Includes Pastries, Mousses, Gulab Jaman & Jelly)

Finally, they serve Green Tea