Eedon Restaurant Review!

I have been living in the city of food for the past 4 years & I haven’t written a food review this is sad. Though I have had food from almost every corner of this city. From the luxuries of DHA & MMAlam to the Dahbas of Saddar & Anarkali.

So now is a good time as any. As usual, the pangs of hunger hit us friends and we made our way to Eedon Restaurant, located in Fortress Stadium, Cantt, Lahore.

We were short on money & wanted to eat something nice. Which is the case with every other person?

Eedon had 20% off on deals today. Which included platters of BBQ, Chinese & Burgers in affordable rates.

So in the urgency of our hunger we ordered a Kebab Paratah Roll; a Shawarma Platter which included 3 pita breads, salad & the chicken mince; a Kebab Platter for 2 which included a quarter of a handi, 2 seekh Kebabs; 6 BBQ botis and 4 Naans; and a BBQ platter for 1 which included 2 naans, 2 seekh kebabs, 4 botis and a coke.

The 5 of us waited as the food took 18 minutes to be served and it was worth it.

Shawarma Platter

The kebabs were juicy, the chicken was well cooked, the naans soft and crisp and it all smelled delicious. Except for a load of oil in the food, it was a good fill and was more than enough for 5 people.

Paratah Roll

The amount we ordered could be easily had by 8-10 having healthy servings.

And the bill was just 1900!! Including the tax!

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Good taste in a good budget!