Pakistan finds a Mauka in India’s loss

World Cup 2015 has been a rush of emotions. I believe this world cup was bigger than any yet. The game wasn’t just played on the field but also in people’s hearts and minds.

The game was physiological, it was social. Through the years the social media has evolved and has become a huge huge part of the whole event.

The psychological factors that affected Pakistan the most was that single series of Ads by Star Sports India “Mauka”

From the very first Mauka ad, Pakistans nerves were touched and walked upon. The rage and amusement were so exciting for all of us.

The World Cup 2015 started to feel like India’s fight more than others. Such great series of ads, that took the social media by storm, with ads that reciprocated their Mauka and debates and arguments and memes. UFF!!. The World Cup 2015 was more than just the Cricket cup it was a psychological cup we needed.

But on 26 March 2015; When India lost the match to Australia,, Pakistan rejoiced. Pakistan finally had its mauka!!
The noise on each ball in each house would have been louder than the crackers that were ever fired.

As India lost ball by ball, we danced on the Mauka song with pride.

We aren’t heartless fighters we just love the game so much. If we can’t have it you can’t, we are mere babies who love to tangle.

I truly think that we are cousin (India & Pakistan) many of us were supporting India in the Semi’s (Me too) because of their amazing performance but   “aghar humane game nai uthai you app b nai utha saktae bhai” (If we didn’t get the game, you can’t to bro)