The Lining of the Petrol Crisis

In Pakistan, we find something beneficial in every situation.

Take the recent Petrol Crisis.

The LOP’s (Line of Petrol) stretch to almost 1-2 Kms long outside the petrol pump. It would take you to reach the pump 6-8 hours or more if a fight erupted during it.

The recent crisis has given people many job opportunities.
Roadside sales have increased immensely of course. There are parties going on in the cars – who wants to stand alone in the queues. Matches made – broken.

And if you do not want to stand in the line, there is always some guy who is willing to push your car forward as the line moves and call you as you get closer to the pump! WOW! such ease.

You can even have your fast food delivered directly to you car…
Life inst as bad as it sounds. The new outing in town – the Petrol station !!