The Peshawar Effect

17 December 2014

The day I started studying in Pakistan, I saw some hope that one day the educated will play a role in the prosperity of the country.

As the days passed & I travelled around Pakistan the hope increased. The kids wanted to learn & grow in their own areas in some way or the other.

There was hope. I hoped.

I do not remember when it all started in Pakistan.

When the Taliban happened… I have no memory or knowledge of it.

It never mattered to me, it wasn’t happening anywhere around me… I didn’t care.

It happens every day. It had become a part of our daily routine to hear about a couple of bomb blasts happening somewhere in the areas I have never visited.

I didn’t care.

I didn’t, kill 16/12/2014

The day I went to my desk. The breaking news bombing the screens.


Each word was a strike

What bothered me this time? After all those years of indifference…

They were children, they were young & naïve. They had dreams & promising futures. They were the light of someone’s house, they were the dynasties, they were people, and they were life.

They were Pakistan FUTURE!

They were my future!!

I was deprived of 141 or more prospective lives in a single day, because?

I do not know why…

Every day thousands die in this country…. Never has it affected us as much as this has.

It’s such a massacre had to take place for me to realise the importance of life, for us to realise it.

I saw silence today. I saw the unmoved people around me moved today.

We all dropped a tear or two today, maybe more. After ages, we realised that we are one on this soil.

The world condemned the bloodbath today. We all did.

But all this wouldn’t bring back the passed away … or set our life’s back to tracking.

The vigils won’t comfort their families. If they will I am ready to set the world on fire.

What troubles me today is that what’s left of our future. The ones who came off alive of this dreadful day, their minds have been transformed. The moments that they had to face today, God forbid anyone has to ever.

In their tender age, they saw what will remain with them forever, will remain with all of us.

Will this be the turn towards worst days to come? Will these children be ever normal again?

Their minds have been affected more than anyone else’s.

Will this be a motivation to be better? Or to kill for a kill, to fight tooth & nail to get back?

Will we ever get back to NORMAL again?

This day has left me with so many scary questions, with such a wage future.

The hope is still there but it’s fogged.

I can’t find light in the bloodstained present……..