He loves me.

You know I think I still remember the first day he saw me.

He picked me up & whispered ” You are mine ” maybe kissed me.

Maybe it’s all my Imagination.

I remember him measuring his hand against mine, laughing, consoling me that one day, one day.

It’s all Blurry

The Piggyback rides, his playing with my hair & kissing my head now & then.

All these memories are foggy, the days are hazed but the feeling is strong. It grows every day. The essence of Love from the very day I was first held by you.

I know you loved me then and you love me more each day now.

I love you each day More and pray that ALLAH blesses you with all the happiness you deserve.

I Love you Avee. You are the Best thing that ever happened to me!!

Happy Bday My Hero !!!