Future of News

We pass by it every day, see it, hear it, watch it, and scroll through it, sometimes realizing its importance, sometimes ignoring it –the News. Its many forms in today’s world have increased its significance for us. The medium does not matter; the content does.

But as we step into a new age, the growing world, technology and speed what are & will be the main mediums of news?

News started in the Pre-historic days when people talked about the latest happenings which spread ear to ear. As man developed the mediums developed – it came on papers, got transferred through telegraphs, radios, TV & then finally the Age of Internet arrived.

We have many social sites now that are almost impossible to keep track of. The news in them can be of any beat, say politics, entertainment, sports, and family. You name it!

The Same goes with TV. There are ample of new channels fighting to be better than the other to deliver to you first.

But in this whole process, the pattern is digital – news gets to you digitally – people prefer online newspapers than the old fashioned morning cup of coffee with the day’s newspaper, TV can be watched online, to save time & not miss your favourite shows.

So what will be the future of this news? As technology develops

We have face book – topping all the charts. Yes, it is a social site – not a news platform but let’s face it we all spend most of our time surfing through the newsfeed, refreshing for notifications.

Daily we see news of all sorts on our newsfeeds, newspapers share their articles, channels their breaking news, awareness programmes are run, event pages are updated, like pages of your favourite celebrities. It’s an all in one package.

Though – along with all the excitement we have to understand that – all that we see/read every day is not true, or reliable.

An issue that we will be facing today & in the future is reliability. we see news’s various faces, which could be quite confusing. You even find things that you haven’t seen or heard in any news broadcast – which may be subject to inquiry.

So yes news has become social!

Twitter, Instagram are just some more examples of this.

& then we have apps in all our mobiles – you just have to download apps on different news broadcasting agents & you have news on every second on your phone. All you need is a signal!

So the news has become mobile – easy to receive.

Here again, there are issues of trust.

A question might arise in our minds here that the everyday news we see on TV or newspapers might also not be true & we live in a century where questioning & reasoning is the new coolest thing. So yea to question & reason amongst ourselves is good, but as humans (the only animal with full function of the brain) we need to be rational & know what we believe in & trust in.

So we have Social news in the future & Mobile news.

Also, it’s more appealing to the eye – it has become prettier.

It’s not black & white anymore. The ads don’t just show pretty ladies.

It’s animated, more logical & fun to see.

In newspapers: the news is more pictorial, allows the reader to understand the news better by visual. They also add videos related to the news for further insight on the news.

The also allow blogs by commoners to be posted online – allowing the flow of interaction to increase.

Feedback from readers is also supported.

Adds are everywhere of everything – even you can place your add anywhere on the internet by just paying some Dollars.

Also if it all goes digital one day, which it most probably will, it will be eco-friendly – less litter, less waste of a tree.

Here a rather debatable question arises of the side effects of technology on the environment. It’s a long & good debate. But, on that, some other day.

So the news is social, mobile, interactive & it’s not confided to a group of people or particular people alone.

It’s for everyone; anywhere … but the concerns about the news’s reliability is a problem for each one of us to deal with individually.