Hearty Laughs – Sad Hearts

Today’s philosophy doesn’t stop to perplex me every step of the way… morally it would be wrong to take pride in someone’s distress but in this day and age we clearly feed on others grief.

If we win a simple cricket match against our neighbours we celebrate, if more people die elsewhere than in our own country we take a lungful of satisfaction. Well! Forget the big scale, wide-scoped discussions, here every other day we see, do, and think, of something that makes us proud or well a little superior to others in the least possible manner & that makes us “Happy”.

This can only be explained further through various everyday examples… for instance remember when you dressed really bad one day (well in your own sub-conscious you looked horrid) but went out & found someone looking much worse then you did & you thought “Thank GOD I am much better than he/she is”, or a day you tried to look your best & you looked awesome that everyone envied you & well you thought “Hell YA!”. Or the time you went shopping & someone picked a dress of the most unpleasant taste & your reflection was “I have great taste, thankfully”.


Most recently I saw an incident which made me think of all this & the story goes something like this. Some people from one of the departments at my University were going borders across on a visit for some conference. The preparation started months ago, the visa process, selection of students, parent’s permission. So obviously some could make it some couldn’t due to various reasons, now the ones going were on the 9th cloud, excited out of their minds; the ones staying back were way to jealous to express it.


The days passed, the year changed & just a couple of weeks before their departure their NOC’s were cancelled due to some causalities. Ah! What a mess it was for all the students from all over Pakistan (yes other universities were going too) & what a charade it was in the university, everyone heard it & went for their so-called “condolences” to the ex-travelers “oh! I heard what happened? Tsk! What a bad coincidence, wasn’t this your dream? To travel with your mates, oh! Happens man don’t worry next time & maybe I can accompany you too”


Well this isn’t the end of it, the condolences became jokes, maybe friendly jokes & as it is the tradition of our people, we never leave you alone & keep pulling your leg until we can. Never bothering to realise maybe somewhere the person does feel bad or had great plans for this particular event in his life. We just laugh it off with our comrades, thinking how a catch we are & entirely ignoring the “feelings” of others that may matter, just to feel superior or a step higher….