Some of the Poetry I wrote in my Teens.

Haven’t edited them, they are as I wrote them down first. 

Brings a smile to my face, thinking of the state of mind I wrote them in.

|| A Friend Indeed ||

Dated: 2 February 2008

A person comes to your life like an angel

Making your happiness brighter,

And sadness feels fainter,

Never will you know their importance until they leave

And when they do, never will you now why they were important.

Life feels different with them around 

Life seems sweeter with a touch of sourness with them about.

They spread love, affection and support

Sent in by the Divine Source,

Making each day Brighter than the previous

Making each moment happier than the last,

Never will we understand their importance 

But always we’ll know that they are important.


( To all my Friends,

Special dedication to Marvi)


|| Miracle ||

Dated: 4 March 2011

They Talk About Miracles.

They Dream About Miracles…

They Wish For Them…  Pray For Them… They Believe In Them…

But I Have Seen Them… Felt Them!… Lived Them!…

I, The Luckiest Person In The World, Has Loved A Miracle…

Has Loved You! …

Has Spent Every Moment … Every Living Second Knowing I Am Living A Dream. A Dream Of Dreams.

A Dream Thousands Wish For.

I Have Lived With You,  For You !!

I Am The Luckiest Person In The World … Cause I Loved a Miracle & a Miracle Loved Me =)




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