At Times Things Are Too Sad To Celebrate….

My take on Pakistan’s Independence Day


The day of Independence of our beloved Pakistan!

When we got the freedom to say proudly that we are a Muslim Community. We have our own right to live, not to be ruled by others.

But it’s also a day to recall how many people died to make this day happen & to see what we have come to be. It saddens me at times to think how independent we are of others yet how dependent we have become of them too!

We shout out cheers for our country, making promises every year to ourselves on This day that we will as individuals work for the betterment of this country……but we fail to do so. How little are we contributing have you ever thought so?

We have actually gained a bad name all over the world for many things apart from the “terrorist” tag, we misbehave, we aren’t trustworthy, we have a complex, we are desperate & a lot more.

Charity begins at home – amendments do too…

We don’t even follow the simple traffic rules in our country, following the law is another thing. We make the roads our dustbin & e have the audacity of saying “Mera mulk hai bhai, mera ghar hai” (It’s My Country, It’s Like My House).

Well! Keep your house clean, at least try to…. I know it’s a never ending debate & people will waste hours to flight over it & many might win too but we all lose.

We talk about independence when we are still dependent on so many things……..namely ourselves ……Our wrong doings………


.Pakistan Zindabad.